Life is inspired by art.

Art is inspired by life as we all know but I focus on that aspect that it is also the other way around, you just have to know where to look for.
So by having seen and studied a lot of art and I try to find places or things, that aesthetically resemble a certain style of painting that will help me to connect reality back to art. And there is now better tool for this than a photographic camera, because a photograph has the inherent quality that it shows a frozen moment in life.

A little about me

I´m a Dutch artist Living in Lima. I got introduced to photography at a very young age due to my father who had a photographic darkroom to develop and print his photos on the attic of our house.

I´m making photographic works of art in 2007 when I started my education at the academy of visual arts AKV St.Joost. I always liked painting and drawing, and at the academy also experimented with sculpting but always liked that photography can move more freely from one thing to another. Its very on point in what it wants to communicate sins it show a direct and literal copy of the artists perspective.


Grau Galeria, Av. Almirante Grau 604 Barranco, Lima Peru

Tessor Store Art / Design Calle Ernesto Plascencia 350 San Isidro, Lima


• Bachelor of Design (B. Des) 2007 – 2011,
Art and Documentary Photography

Academy for Art and Design, Breda.

Graphic Design (BA) 2000 – 2004
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, School for Graphic Design

Group exhibition, Wallness Gallery (2018), Wallness Lima
group exhibition Matter of Things (2013), GUP Gallery Amsterdam
group exhibition Unfolded (2012), Gallery Paul Andriesse Amsterdam
CRISIS!, Social Care photo series (2011), Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Book: “nature as it is intended” (2004), Subsidized by the Institution of Fine Arts and Design Rotterdam.
Designed by Stefan van Rijn with text of Marcel van Ool (publicist and art historian at the institution of forest controle in the Netherlands).