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Buenos Aires Photo

This year a selection of 5 works will be shown on the online version of BA Photo. They will be part of a collective of 10 photo artist from different countries represented by Galeria Imaginario.
1-15 septembre 2020

Thursday 20 August, 2020


I´m very proud to announce that from this week I´ll be working together with Grau Galeria in Barranco. For now it will all be virtual, but soon I´m sure there will be a selection of my work on the walls for all to see.

Located at Av. Almirante Grau 604 Barranco, Lima
Thursday 16 July, 2020

Tessor Store

I´m very happy to announce that I´ve started a collaboration with the talented interior designers Elena Testino y Rosario Orjeda. They will directly imploment my images in there design and present then to there clients as part of there vision for a specific project.

Located at Calle Ernesto Plasencia 350, Lima
Friday 10 July, 2020