¨Art is found in everyday life, you just have to find out from what side you want to look at it¨

No causal relationship yet meaningfully related

In these still life images I combine 3 different realms. Real life, 2D representations and the perspective of the onlooker. Visual connections get more and more complex due to the amount of different type of imagery we consume everyday. We live our live not only in the real world but also in a digital way and we are more then ever conscious of the outsider looking in.

Perspective is everything!

These compositions of volumes, shapes and shadow are created just to be viewed from the point where the cameras is standing.

Shadow play!

Shadows are shapes created by the object there connect too. But what if they were solid elements? I approach the shadows and the papers as if they are both made from the same substance.

Art in the street.

Street scenes photographed using a reflective surface to create an painting like image.

Art in architectura.

Compositions of lines, textures, and colors using the architecture in the streets of Rotterdam. Did the architects got inspired by art or the artist by the architecture?

Nature as it is intended

Our concept of nature when living in a city is very romantic. At night this romanticized idea is ever more visual due to the artificial street light. It shows a interpretation of nature but is this really nature or the way we like to see nature?

in constant state of research

This is a mix of images that are created in the moment or the result of an experiment. Its the red tread that leads from one series to another. In there images don´t always know what I´m looking for but I just feel the need to capture it. Sometimes it leads to nothing and sometimes its the beginning of a new project.